Renogy Solar Suitcase is the best choice if you are in a search of a portable, efficient, yet high watt solar panel. It is one of the best solar systems from Renogy. Renogy Solar Suitcase offers two 50 watt monocrystalline solar panels (German made solar cells), one 30 Amp Adventurer Charge Controller (overcharge protection) with an LCD Screen for power regulation and safety, one tray cable with alligator clips for easy connection to any battery, one sensor to protect battery from overcharging and over-wattage. Renogy Solar Suitcase weighs only 19.4 lbs, maybe it’s just a little bit heavy, but the suitcase of this panel will help you to take it with you anywhere easily. This solar power solution is really amazing, it is not as expensive, and is incredibly easy to install and use. It could be your first step towards starting to use the solar power in your favor. Every minute, the sun beams onto earth and delivers a lot more energy than we actually need. So, why don’t we use it for our benefit? There are not a lot of people in our world using the solar energy, but I am completely sure that this number will be a lot more in several years. So, in case you want to be one of them, I suggest you purchasing the Renogy 100W solar panel with its accessories that come with it in this suitcase. It truly is one of the best solar panels on the market for its quality, portability and performance.
$399.99 USD
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★ Eclipse Solar Cells

  • 🌟No grid lines and black framing for a clean look
  • 🌟Guaranteed positive output tolerance
  • 🌟Weather proof: withstands high winds and snow loads
  • 🌟Corrosion resistant aluminum frame
  • 🌟Maximum Power at STC: 100W
  • 🌟Folded Dimension: 21.1 x 21.5 x 3.1 inches
  • 🌟Weight: 19.4 lbs
  • 🌟German-made solar cells
  • 🌟Protective casing
  • 🌟Overcharge protection

★ 30A Adventurer Controller

  • ✔ LCD screen for for optimal display for operating information
  • ✔ Protection against overcharging, overload, short-circuit, and reverse polarity
  • ✔ Compatible with Sealed, Gel, and Flooded batteries
  • ✔ Negative ground controller
  • ✔ Weight: 0.6 lbs