RENOGY SOLAR SUITCASE: The only suitcase I own

Among the many regarded updates regarding RVing is RENOGY SOLAR SUITCASE. Before we began full-time RVing within our 29A motorhome, we resided from it for 2 weeks. Several of these months were invested dried hiking to higher comprehend our power usage. Following the four-week, we selected two primary updates: ONE) solar-power to refresh the Motorhome home batteries TWO) improved home batteries to fully capture solar power. The key reason we desired solar energy was to off set turbine utilization.

Roof installed method vs. Transportable device. Uncertain if your roof installed program could be ideal for people, we chose to buy a transportable device. There are many companies of transportable pv models available on the market. Using price being fully a main element in our decision-making, we plumped for the RENOGY SOLAR SUITCASE. This really is our preliminary Renogy 100w transportable solar power evaluation, examine the revise area at the conclusion of the article.

renogy 200 watt


RENOGY SOLAR SUITCASE work very well. The transportable device includes two 50w sections that offer 5.4 amplifiers/hr or even more entirely sunlight. On the gloomy day-we get between INCH to THREE amplifiersORhr. This really is usually sufficient to steadfastly keep up the methods within our motorhome and supply a drip cost for that two 6v home batteries. We nevertheless need certainly to operate the turbine on times we don’t get sufficient solar energy. And the Renogy 40 amp Mppt charge controller will save your battery.

Renogy 100w Portable Solar Power Review

Cheap when compared with additional moveable solar power panels. The Renogy device was about 50 % of exactly what a 120w transportable device offered for by additional producers. We’ve the choice to purchase two 100w transportable models for that same cost like a 120w device. Two sections allows people to connect one-unit as much as every home battery for more solar energy. Renogy 200 watt is also a choice for you.

Little sufficient to shop in Motorhome. The transportable device retracts in two, little enough to shop within the back fresh. Its also small sufficient that people may depart it within the Motorhome. And the RENOGY mppt charge controller will definitely let the battery live longer.

Renogy Portable Solar Power – Storage

Put up is rather simple. For connecting the RENOGY SOLAR SUITCASE, consider it from the holding event, occur it, lengthen the thighs and connect the alligator videos towards the battery devices. Just one individual necessary for create and malfunction. There’s zero installment or extra expenses related to utilizing the solar power panels.



Renogy Portable Solar Power – Attached To batteries

Cost control is obtainable and simple to study. The ten amplifier cost control is installed towards the back of 1 of the sections on the joint and guaranteed having a reel of velcro. Its easy to examine the control and also the Digital cell is simple to see. The control supplies a common analysis like the degree of cost arriving, their state of cost for that battery. Renogy 40 amp Mppt charge controller will also help your battery.

Renogy Portable Solar Power – Control

Transportable. If we market the Motorhome, we are able to consider the system around its not associated with the Motorhome the way in which a roof installed program could be.

Renogy Portable Solar Power – event

What We DoN’t Like:
Quality-control. The initial device needed to be delivered just because a mess keeping among the thighs experienced removed the posts within the installation area. The cell was damaged in a variety of locations and appeared as though it’d been used or snuck previous quality guarantee. We could trade the system regarding a different one with no problems. The 2nd device found its way to good shape, but there have been comparable scrapes round the sections. Renogy 200 watt is a cheaper alternative.

Lightweight. All of the fasteners keeping the thighs collectively were free and needed to be stiffened. The fasteners were metal and also the brackets they certainly were hosed into were metal. This intended the fasteners couldn’t be stiffened along significantly or they’d remove away the posts. The body and thighs of the system seemed to be lightweight, but possess organized nicely. RENOGY mppt charge controller is a flawless machine that controls the power.



Renogy Portable Solar Power – Remain

Inexpensive components. The velcro that retains the cost control towards the cell dropped off the very first evening it had been within the sunlight. Heat of sunlight dissolved the glue support. It appears as though edges were reduce to lessen the buying price of the system, but thinking about the cell was created to maintain sunlight, the velcro must maintain. We controlled the sun power by Renogy 40 amp Mppt charge controller.


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Renogy Portable Solar Power – Velcro

Number directions. Renogy delivered the system away with no directions. We’d to locate these on-line and obtain it. The create directions were clear to see and we linked the system with no issues.

Renogy Portable Solar Power – cleaning

Cost control isn’t waterproof. The sections are 100 PERCENT waterproof, however the cost control isn’t. What this means is when there is any possibility of rainfall and you want to depart the Motorhome, we cannot abandon the cell away without danger harming the control. We likewise cannot abandon the system away overnight to capture the day sunlight when there is an opportunity of rainfall.

Wire size. The wires for that device are ten lengthy. Based on which method the shadows are forged, we cannot usually transfer the cell in to the sunlight. We attempt our better to playground within the optimum path regarding solar energy, but that’s not necessarily feasible based on wherever we’re. We also liked using the Renogy 200 watt.

Though we’ve numerous grievances concerning the RENOGY SOLAR SUITCASE, it will work very well. This luggage will work for these seeking to complement power utilization in a little Motorhome and don’t wish to spend the larger price of additional models.


Because composing the evaluation, weve had the opportunity to camping in a several locations wherever we got sunlight all day long. Some of those locations was the cost-free hiking place in Tucson, Az. To the shock, the Renogy pv luggage could completely cost the batteries every day using the followers operating and switching the inverter onto view the Packers perform. We were happy using the efficiency of the cell.

By Jan 2017, the 100-watt lightweight pv luggage we bought isn’t any longer accessible. Renogy includes a 60-watt lightweight pv suitcase like the one we bought along with a fresh 100-watt Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Luggage. But I think you should also get a RENOGY mppt charge controller with it.

In the event that you discovered this review useful and intend to buy the RENOGY SOLAR SUITCASE, please contemplate purchasing through our online url. There’s zero extra charge for that purchaser as well as in reunite we get a little proportion of the purchase. Cheers for the assistance! We truly relish it.

Disclosure: We taken care of the merchandise within this evaluation which evaluation signifies our very own views.